Dickinson Alumnus, February 1932

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Karl Tinsley Waugh officially assumed his duties as Dickinson's President in January 1932.
  • Bishop Ernest G. Richardson (class of 1896) was elected President of the Anti-Saloon League of America.
  • Students organized the second inter-religious harmony seminar, which featured "frank discussions by Jews, Protestants, and Catholics."
  • Dr. George Gailey Chambers (class of 1902) and Dr. J. Horace MacFarland were elected to the Board of Trustees.
  • General James Gordon Steese (class of 1902) described his experience as a United States delegate to the 15th International Navigation Conference in "Seeing Italy Officially."
  • James M. Franciscus, caretaker of Biddle Field since 1908, died at age 73.