Dickinson Alumnus, February 1941

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • The Bosler Hall renovation project neared completion as construction workers removed the scaffolding. 
  • Trustee Boyd Lee Spahr (class of 1900) explained why the Board of Trustees decided to use March 3, 1773 as the date of Dickinson's founding instead of 1783. 
  • Princeton Professor Alpheus T. Mason (class of 1920) published a book (Bureaucracy Convicts Itself) about the Ballinger-Pinchot controversy during the Taft administration and how a democratic government can control civilians’ lives. 
  • Boyd Lee Spahr donated several letters by John Dickinson and James Buchanan (class of 1809) as well as a copy of the Columbian Magazine that had an advertisement for Dickinson College.
  • Richard Henry Lindsey (class of 1939) became the youngest Postmaster in the United States.
  • W. Reese Hitchens (class of 1928) replaced Albert W. James (class of 1927) as Deputy Attorney General of Delaware.