Dickinson Alumnus, September 1940

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Rain and a labor shortage delayed the rebuilding of Bosler Hall. 
  • Ten students received their pilot’s licenses in 1939 under the a program with the Civil Aeronautics Authority. President Fred Pierce Corson (class of 1917) approved a plan from the government to train another twenty students as pilots in 1940.
  • Lieutenant General Stanley D. Embick (class of 1897) was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to serve on the joint Canadian-American Board of Defense. 
  • Boyd Lee Spahr (class of 1900) donated a letter in which James Buchanan (class of 1809) discussed whether Democrats would nominate him as their candidate in the 1856 Presidential election.
  • Children of the late President James Henry Morgan (class of 1878) donated papers from the 19th century that belonged to the Board of Trustees.
  • Rev. Dr. John C. Bieri (class of 1902) described his missionary work in South America.
  • The railroad station in Carlisle on West High Street was razed in order to build a gas station.