Dickinson Alumnus, September 1949

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • President William W. Edel (class of 1915) shared experiences from his recent trip to Israel.
  • Ruby R. Vale (class of 1896) published the fourth and final volume of his "monumental" study on justice, Justice Under Law and For Humanitarianism As Foundation of Society and Challenge of Civilization.
  • May Morris (class of 1909) and Mulford Stough were promoted to the rank of full Professor.
  • The Class of 1924 donated a portrait of Professor Ernest Vuilleumier.
  • Jurgen von Oertzen (class of 1934), a German exchange student, died during the Battle of Riga in 1941.
  • Elinor G. Derr (class of 1944) had "a key role" in an experiment conducted at the University of Maine regarding children' abilities to learn foreign languages.
  • Physical Education Professor Richard H. MacAndrews retired after working at Dickinson for 38 years.