Paine, Thomas

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Letters from Charles Nisbet to William Young, 1792-93

Charles Nisbet writes a seven letters to William Young from 1792 to 1793 that mostly focus on Nisbet’s transactions with Young as a printer and book dealer. Nisbet discusses various works with religious and political themes, such as Augustus Toplady's History of Calvinism and Thomas...

Letters from Charles Nisbet to William Young, 1794-95

Dickinson President Charles Nisbet writes six letters to William Young from 1794 to 1795 that focus mostly on international affairs and political issues. Nisbet expresses worry over potential military conflict between the United States and Great Britain, and reflects upon the French Revolution...

Letter from Charles Nisbet to Ashbel Green
October 14, 1794

Charles Nisbet writes Ashbel Green to acknowledge Green's letter from September 12th and to justify questions about Green's intent in giving Nisbet's private letters to his political opponents. Nisbet also discusses the Whiskey Rebellion and describes the impact of the militia that assembled...

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