Capital Campaign

"First in America" pin, 2006

One inch diameter commemorative pin for Dickinson's “First in America” capital fundraising campaign in 2006.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00541

Location: Shelf 25 (housed with AC00418-00422, etc.)

Subject: Capital Campaign, First in America, Pins

Format: Pins/Buttons

"First in America" pin, 2008

Red and white commemorative pin for Dickinson’s “First in America” capital fundraising campaign.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00628

Location: Shelf 25 (housed with AC 00226 - AC 00229)

Subject: First in America, Capital Campaign, Pins

Format: Pins/Buttons

Pen and Pencil Set, 1994

Black pen and pencil set printed with “The Campaign for Dickinson, May 6, 1994”.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00698

Location: Shelf 25 (housed with AC 00682)

Subject: Donor Relations, Capital Campaign

Format: Miscellaneous

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