Alpha Chi Rho Tie Pin, c.1953

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Alpha Chi Rho Tie Pin, c.1953
Alpha Chi Rho Tie Pin, c.1953
Artifact/Collection Number: 
AC 00865
Shelf 25 (housed with AC 00863, AC 00864, AC 00866, AC 00867, AC 00868, and AC 00869)

The pin has white stones (unclear whether they are precious stones) are made in the shape of a shepherd's crook and the red stones in the shape of an "X" - to the left of the "X" is a hand which is extended and to the right of the "X" is a torch.  Attached to the chain is the Greek letters for Alpha Chi Rho and engraved on the back of the tie pin is "James Lewis Pritchard '53".

Gift of James L. Pritchard, 2017
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