John Glover Award Medal, 1959

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John Glover Award Medal, 1959
John Glover Award Medal, 1959
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AC 00068
Shelf 3 (housed with AC 00058-00088, AC 00507)

Gold medal featuring inscriptions and laurels, produced for the John Glover Award by the Royal Mint, 1959. This gold plated replica medal was presented to the college, along with an original solid gold medal and 17 other gold plated replica medals, by John Yeagley. The replicas were meant to be presented to future Glover Lecturers. The Glover Memorial Lectures are usually presented in alternate years. This lectureship in science was established in 1958 in memory of John Glover of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, the inventor of the Glover Tower, and in memory of his son and grandson, Henry and Lester Glover, by the late Dr. John D. Yeagley and Mrs. Yeagley of York, Pennsylvania.

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Gift of John Yeagley, 1959