Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, April 8, 1968

This is a special issue of the Dickinsonian, published in response to Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4th, and four articles were written about the assassination in this article. One profiles student reaction, one profiles faculty reaction, one shows town leader reactions, and one discusses Rev. Joseph Washington's views on the future of the Civil Rights Movement. Students and faculty participated in memorial services for King. The Kappa Sigma fraternity house was bombed on the morning of April 5th, causing $1500 worth of damage to the house, but no physical harm to any individual. Iggy Cipolla, head of Dickinson Dining Services, suffered a heart attack. Chaplain Kaylor read a eulogy to Dr. King at a service attended by 300 students.