Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 20, 1930

An elderly Carlisle local is released from the hospital after over a month after being injured by Dickinson freshmen during a pep parade. The undefeated freshman football team will battle another undefeated team, Gettysburg, in a game this weekend. Esther Chambers, vice president of the Women's Student Government Association, attends the annual meeting of the Women's Intercollegiate Association as one of sixty delegates from forty-two universities across the nation. Two students, Edgar Bayler and Anna Greene, are involved in an automobile accident due to wet roads. Two Hebrew fraternities try to be recognized on campus, but their request is denied. The annual freshmen-sophomore football game comes with a deal attached: if the freshmen win, Rule 26 of the freshmen rule code which requires them to button their jackets will be suspended. A committee is established by the Alumni Council to discuss college athletics, especially schedules, coaches and athletic subsidies. The sophomore class invites upperclassmen to join their dance being held Saturday evening at the American Legion.