Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 4, 1949

Plans to unveil a memorial to the 47 Dickinson alumni killed in WWII are announced. The memorial tablet, sculpted by Hans Schuler, will hang in Memorial Hall next to the College's WWI memorial, also created by Schuler. Eighty students accept the constitution of the College Radio Club, further moving to establish what will eventually become WDCV. Howard Gale '36, a popular Central-Pennsylvanian bandleader and school favorite, is hired to perform at Homecoming. The Mermaid Players, a newly created theatre troupe, announce that Fred Ballard's "Ladies of the Jury" will be their first undertaking of the season. The All-College and Faculty Social Committees overturn a ban on fraternity-sponsored social events during weeknights. Just-released statistics on the Class of '53 reveal that the freshman represent 19 U.S. states as well as England, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and China.

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