Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 8, 1974

The Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra will play at the College. The Auxiliary Enterprises Committee (AEX) presents a statement to Senate to close the dining hall to non-boarding students in an effort to lessen stealing of food. In their most recent meeting, faculty debates and questions the search committee for new president of the College. The Office of Student Services and the Counseling Center announce a career workshop for women that is planned. The College hosted the First Annual Dickinson College Debate Debacle, which was won by Wesleyan College. Students volunteer as "parents" for the handicapped residents of McCrea House. The Follies initial performance of Superman last Friday is a little rough, but receives optimistic reviews that this weekends performance will be better. Information on Summer School including a class list and prices is published. In their final home game of the season, the Red Devil football team beat the Western-Maryland Terrors 21-20. The Cross-Country team completes their first winning season since 1970. College Athletic Director David B. Eavenson is selected by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to serve on a special nationwide committee to study standards in college sports. The girls field hockey team looses their last game of the season to Millersville.

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