Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 1, 1954

Outstanding visiting preachers will be visiting the chapel for worship services. Dickinson is holding a tax workshop to give business executives, bank representatives and other interested people a chance to familiarize themselves with new tax laws. These tax revisions are the greatest revisions in the history of federal taxation. The Mermaid Players will be performing "Lo and Behold" on Parents' Weekend (October 14-16) in Bosler Hall. Beginning October 6, music programs will be taking place daily in the Sharp Room in the library. This week there will be a piano quintet and a symphony. There is some dissatisfaction with the quality of Dickinson as a liberal arts school and the Dickinsonian requires there to be a revision of curriculum and what it means to provide a liberal arts education. Board of Trustees member James Q. Dupont makes a speech regarding the importance of safety.

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