Letter from Cyrus Trimble to John Trimble

Letter from Cyrus Trimble to John Trimble
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August 27, 1817

Cyrus W. Trimble writes to his brother, John A. Trimble about his daily schedule at Dickinson and the two different literary societies at Dickinson, the Union Philosophical Society and the Belles Lettres Society. Cyrus, who is a member of UPS, explains that "you can’t conceive the emulation that exists between the two societies that is who should get the most members." Cyrus also explains how he "cannot inform you much about" these societies because they "are a little on the Freemason order in way of secrets."

In addition, Cyrus mentions several faculty, including President Jeremiah Atwater and "the celebrated [Thomas] Cooper of chemistry and natural philosophy." Cyrus also mentions a recent duel in Carlisle, in which a Captain "Campbell was wounded through the thigh but is recovering." Transcript included.

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Gift of Robert L.D. Davidson