Cooper, Thomas

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Photograph, undated (Photographs, folder 73)

This collection primarily provides evidence of the personal and professional life of Charles Francis Himes, student, photographer, scientist, teacher, administrator, amateur historian and father. Also found in this collection is evidence of the lives of family members including, most notably, C...

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Letter from Timothy Pickering to Charles Hall
August 1, 1799

Secretary of State Timothy Pickering writes Charles Hall of Sunbury regarding Joseph Priestley's "unpardonable" conduct and the receipt of "Mr. [Thomas] Cooper's mischievous address." Pickering notes his opposition to their "meddling with our government." Cooper had published material in which...

Location: I-WilliamsC-1956-9

Subject: Literary Pursuits, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1780-1799

Biographical Manuscript of Thomas Cooper
September 21, 1811

A biographical manuscript of Judge Thomas Cooper, a lecturer at Dickinson College, entitled "Extract of a letter from a gentleman in Carlisle." Composed for the Baltimore Federal Gazette, this manuscript details the judge's pious disposition and the "splendor of his talents." Transcript...

Letter from Thomas Cooper to Parker Cleveland
July 20, 1817

Former Dickinson College Professor Thomas Cooper writes Parker Cleveland, a Professor of Mineralogy at Bowdoin College, and asks for advice regarding about his plans to teach a class on mineralogy at the University of Philadelphia. "I propose using your book as the manual for my class," as...

Location: I-Purchase-1950-1

Subject: Education, Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from Cyrus Trimble to John Trimble
August 27, 1817

Cyrus W. Trimble writes to his brother, John A. Trimble about his daily schedule at Dickinson and the two different literary societies at Dickinson, the Union Philosophical Society and the Belles Lettres Society. Cyrus, who is a member of UPS, explains that "you can’t conceive the emulation that...

Location: I-DavidsonR-1975-2

Subject: Carlisle and Cumberland County, Dickinson College Student Life, Education

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from Thomas Cooper to Ebenezer Bradford
November 25, 1819

Former Dickinson College Professor Thomas Cooper asks Ebenezer Bradford for assistance with some legal problems.

Location: I-Friends-1974-4

Subject: Legal Affairs

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from Thomas Cooper to Nassau William Senior
April 1, 1835

Former Dickinson College Professor Thomas Cooper writes to Nassau William Senior, offering thoughts on the religious and political issues Senior writes about in the pamphlet On National Property. Transcript included.

Location: I-Friends-2006-2

Subject: Politics and Government, Religion and Spirituality

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1820-1839

"John and Mary's College" (Spahr Lectures Vol. 2)

Publisher: New York: Fleming H. Revell Company

Volume 2 of the Boyd Lee Spahr Lectures in Americana series includes essays from scholars that focus on various aspects of Dickinson College's history.

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