Letter from John Kennaday to His Family

Letter from John Kennaday to His Family
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January 5, 1844

John Robert Kennaday writes to several members of his family about life as a student at Dickinson. While "there has not been anything special going on here [in Carlisle] lately," John tells his brother, Jim, about "a Temperance meeting in the chapel last Saturday evening, at which there were a good many ladies." John also writes Helen to thank her for sending "a very amusing" letter. "I laughed like everything when I read the account of the party," as John notes. In addition, John writes a short note to his father about his classes. "Our studies are not so hard as they were," as John explains, and "it is quite easy for me to attend to them and to have plenty of time for exercise also." Transcript included.

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Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr