Letters from Thomas Chamberlin to Eli Slifer

Letters from Thomas Chamberlin to Eli Slifer
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Thomas Chamberlin writes eleven letters to Eli Slifer, the Secretary of the Commonwealth under Governor Curtin, regarding life in the camp of a Union Army company during the Civil War. Chamberlin also discusses the weather, sickness, geography, and military tactics. "The suggestion that [soldiers'] pay be reduced will, I hope, never be entertained for a moment by Congress; let the wages of officers be cut down to the lowest figure, but spare the enlisted men," as Chamberlin notes.

In addition, Chamberlin briefly mentions how one company is guarding President Lincoln. "One is guarding the White House, having been brought there from the Soldier’s Home at the President’s request, when he moved into town," as Chamberlin explains. Transcripts included.

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MC 2003.4, B2, F16
Gift of Edwin G. Dill