Treasurer of the College, Frysinger Evans, Offers Solutions to Problems in Athletics

Sat., Oct. 14, 1899

Frysinger Evans (Class of 1892) wrote and published an article in the Dickinsonian giving his insight to the problems and possible solutions for them in the Dickinson athletic department at a time when it had been struggling. Evans was the treasurer of the college when he wrote this article.

He passionately concluded: "Now is not the time to falter! Now, lack of support means defeat! Rise as one man, support with a full heart the team for the sake of the fair reputation of our college, its colors, its flag, its future! Let all with one voice and constant presence encourage our men to display a-never-die-but-always-win-at-any-honorable-cost-spirit--a Dickinson spirit."


The History of Football at Dickinson College: 1885-1969 by Wilbur J. Gobrecht (1971)