Class of 1914

Alumni from the Class of 1914

Gentlemen to the front, please.  The Class of 1914 pose at a local golf course during their Twenty-fifth reunion.

Alumni Weekend group photograph

Alumni from the Class of 1912, Class of 1913, and Class of 1914, during Alumni Weekend.

Standing L to R:  John V. McIntire, John C. Groome, Horace L. Jacobs, Jr., Charles C. Bramble.

Seated L to R:  Miriam A. Dum-Frey, Elizabeth M. Garner, Martha L. Johnson, Mrs....

Alumni Weekend trio

Three members of the reunion committee from the Class of 1914 pose arm-in-arm for their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  Frank Y. Jaggers ; Mabel Krall-Burkholder (Chair of the committee) ; C. Edward Wagner

Class of 1914 as freshmen, 1911

Postcard of about 80% of the Class of 1914 as freshmen. The photograph was taken on January 19, 1911.

Class of 1914 Basketball Team, 1911

The freshman basketball team for the Class of 1914 takes a photograph for a postcard in 1911.

Front: Francis A. Dunn, Russell C. McElfish

Middle: Joel Claster, Joseph M. Hewitt, Austin C. Brady, George Worts Emmert Jr.

Back: Raymond E. Marshall,...

Class of 1914 Football team, 1910

The "Victorious" Class of 1914 football team after a game against the Class of 1913 on November 2, 1910.

Twenty-fifth reunion of the Class of 1914

Alumni of the Class of 1914 gather for a group photo at their Twenty-fifth Reunion.

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