Fuller, Suzanne

Softball Team, 1988

The Softball team gathers for a photo outside the Kline center in spring 1988.

First Row: Oahn Ma, Hillary Woodruff, Sylvia Bain, Wendy Fleschutz, Suzanne Fuller, Tina Plummer

Second Row: Delores Cohick (Asst. Coach), Caryn Caputo, Sue Hirschfield, Michelle Wiragh...

Softball Team, 1989

The Softball team inside the Kline center in spring 1989.

First Row: Suzanne Fuller, Anne Gravel, Jill Gary, Jennifer Traynor, Jody Feld

Second Row: Constance DePasquale, Tina Plummer, Caryn Caputo, Janine Lazur

Third Row: Delores Cohick (Coach),...

Softball Team, 1990

The Softball team in spring 1990.

First Row: Gail Tereshak (second to last, far right)

Second Row:  Jennifer Traynor, Jill Gary, Jody Feld, Suzanne Fuller

Third Row: Shelley Sweeney (Coach, far left), Stacy Fresch (Center), Caryn Caputo (far right...

Softball Team, 1991

The Softball team in spring 1991.

First Row: Jennifer Traynor, Suzanne Fuller, Jill Gary (Captains)

Second Row: Anne Gravel, Lynne Romsay, Lisa Miller, Norma Luke, Jessica Piscitelli

Third Row: Anne Haynam (Coach), Jody Feld, Sarah Kinsley, Gail...

Stacy Fresch and Suzanne Fuller, 1990

Softball co-captains Stacy Fresch (left) and Suzanne Fuller  pose for a photo in spring 1990.

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