Lindberg, Stanley William

Stanley Lindberg receives Class of 1902 Award, 1960

Stanley William Lindberg ('61) receives a gold watch, the Class of 1902 Award, from Nancy H. Cross ('60) during Commencement on June 3, 1960. Cross received the award as a junior in 1959.

Wrestling Team, 1958

Wrestling team takes a group photograph in 1958.

Front row, left to right: Allen Gilbert Smeltz ('60), Stanley William Linberg ('61), Alan Sackman ('61), Gordon Brown Mowrer ('59), Jan Paul Sklandany ('61), M. Kirkpatrick, A. Hoberman, and Joseph R. Miele ('59)


Wrestling Team, 1959

The Wrestling team in 1959.

Front row, left to right: Howard Edward Kalis III ('62), Sydney Leonard Machet ('62), and M. Huey

Second row: Jack Clough, Stan Linberg ('61), Richard Ayres, Nick Crosby, William Carey Marcucci ('61), Alan Sackman ('61), Gordon Mowrer,...

Wrestlingt Team, 1960

The Wrestling team takes a group photograph in 1960.

Front row, left to right: William Carey Marcucci ('61) and K. Hughes

Second row: Stanley William Lindberg ('61), Alan Sackman ('61), Benjamin Albert Cero ('63), J. Green, and Jack Clough

Third row:...

Wrestlingt Team, 1961

The Wrestling team in 1961.

Front row, left to right: Coach Glenn Flegal, J. Grant, Joseph Icenhower ('62), William Carey Marcucci ('61), and Alan Sackman ('61)

Middle row: Buckley (manager), David John Drum ('64), Benjamin Cero ('63), John Le Roy, and S. Burd...

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