Reilly, Peter Houston

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1985

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1985.

First Row: Clelland N. Green, Martin P. Mullaney, Keith A. Mottus, John J. Buonocore - TriCaptain, John R. Keim - TriCaptain, Bennett W. West - TriCaptain, David R. Forrey, Timothy R. Wentworth, Michael A. Chung,...

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1986

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1986.

First Row: Head Coach W. J. Gobrecht, Jake Kim, Rick Werrell, Chris Tousimis (Co-Captain), Dave Webster (Co-Captain), Aric Euler, Jamie Nicojia, Ass't Coach Jeff Siegel

Second Row: Don Woodruff, John Peterson, Kevin O'Brien, Peter...

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