Steele, Richard

Dramatic Association, "What Happened to Jones," 1917

The cast of What Happened to Jones? poses for a group photo in February 1917.

From left to right: G. W. Moyer, [unknown], [unknown], W. G. Kimmel, R. H. Steele, Walton Butterfield ('20), I. S. Pimm, C. Horace Haines, W. E. Swope, and [unknown].

Student Senate, 1917

Student senators pose for a group photograph in 1917.

First row, left to right: Robert L. Myers Jr. ('17), H. D. Robinson ('17), G. P. Warfield ('17), R. E. Woodward ('17), A. Maurice Palm ('18), Homer M. Respess ('17), and George C. Hering Jr. ('17)

Second row:...

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