Abroad students pose with a baguette, c.1986

Two female students take a photo with a baguette.

Four students and a bridge, c.1993

Four students pose during their study abroad program in Toulouse, France.

Left to Right: Della Zurich ; Christina Perkins ; Emily E. Schrader ; Michael A. Matro

Friends and baguettes, c.1993

Three students smile while holding bread at the Dickinson Center in Toulouse, France.

Left to Right: Nancy Richardson ; Della Zurich ; Emily E. Schrader

Student poses with Eiffel Tower, c.1986

A female student studying abroad poses with the Eiffel Tower.

Students in France, c.1986

A group of female students pose for a photo in France.

Students smile on a rainy day in France, c.1996

Two students studying abroad in France pose in front of a cathedral on a rainy day.

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