Stallions (Harrisburg, PA)

Lily White and Company Chronology - May 1982 to December 1994

Chronology of performances from May 1982 to December 1994 of Lily White and Company, along with performance locations. 

Stallions Matchbook (black)
circa 1985

Three matchbooks from Stallions in Harrisburg, PA, two silver, one black. Both the black and silver matchbooks are identical except for the colors.

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Stallions AIDs Benefit Show Program - August 30 & September 6, 1987
August 30 & September 6, 1987

Event program for the AIDS Benfit Show at Stallions Bar by Lily White & Company on August 30 & September 6, 1987.

"Flash and Trash" Program - February 1988
February 1988

Program of "Flash and Trash" performance at Stallion's by Lily White & Company in February 1978.

"Into the Woods" Program - August 28, 1988
August 28, 1988

Program for "Into the Woods" produced by Lily White & Company at Stallions on August 28, 1988.

A Tribute to the Past 40 Years of Music Program
1987, 2008

Paul Foltz grew up in Steelton, PA. After college, Foltz began studying theatre in England. It was here that Foltz discovered a strong and open LGBTQ+ community. When he returned to the United States, he became involved in Pennsylvania’s LGBTQA...

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