The Spahr Lectures (Vol. 4)

The Spahr Lectures (Vol. 4)

Publisher: York, PA: York Composition Company, Inc.

Volume 4 of the Boyd Lee Spahr Lectures in Americana series includes essays from scholars that focus on various aspects of Dickinson College's history.

Table of Contents:

-- "Liberal Education: What Is It?" by Saul Sack
-- "The Free, or Not So Free, Air of Pennsylvania" by Irving Brant
-- "Benjamin Rush, America's Philosopher of Revolutionary Education" by Donald J. D'Elia
-- "We Have Aimed Honestly at Doing Good: Trusteeship at Dickinson, 1783-1816" by James A. Bonar
-- "Johnny Reb and Billy Yank" by Bell Irvin Wiley
-- "Captain Conrad's Spy Nest" by John Bakeless
-- "The Loyal Opposition in Civil War Philadelphia" by Nicholas B. Wainwright
-- "Moncure Conway and German Philosophy" by Loyd D. Eaton
-- "Moncure Conway's Journey Back to Earthy" by Warren Sylvester Smith

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