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Sat., Oct. 8, 1966

On Saturday, October 8th, 1966 Dana Hall was dedicated as the new home for the Biology Department.  Charles A. Dana, chairman of the Dana Foundation, which contributed a large proportion of the funds for constructing Dana Hall, performed the unveiling.

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Mon., Nov. 7, 1966

A demonstration of almost 1000 students (the largest of its kind held at Dickinson) marched to "Old West" to protest against the proposed designs of two new dorms.

The march was the culmination of a dispute over architectural plans submitted by Howell Louis Shay and associates. The march...

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Sat., Nov. 4, 1967

On Saturday, November 4th, 1967, the Boyd Lee Spahr Library was dedicated.  A procession from the Holland Union Building to the library proceeded the dedication.  Boyd Lee Spahr, LL.D., was present at the ceremony.

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Sat., Oct. 24, 1970

On Saturday, October 24th, 1970, the newly-renovated Durbin Oratory was rededicated as an interfaith chapel.  The ceremony showcased the chapel's nondenominational capabilities as well as its adaptability to specific religious traditions.

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Sat., Jan. 30, 1971

The Board of Trustees authorized officers of the College to submit an application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for funds to erect a new dormitory to house 96 students.

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Sat., Apr. 24, 1971

The Bernard Center for the Humanities, the reconstruction of East College, was formally dedicated on Saturday, April 24.  The dedication ceremony began in the Social Hall, from which a full faculty procession led the group to the Bernard Center, where the dedication took place.  Principal donors...

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Sat., May 22, 1971

On Sat., May 22, 1971, a dedication ceremony was Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium, featuring different performances that utilized the multi-functional capabilities of the new space. The building was built from concrete and glass, and had a capacity of 1,000, the largest on campus. The...

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Tue., Jun. 1, 1971

Over the summer, much needed upgrades were made in Morgan Hall. Carpets, acoustical tile ceilings, water fountains, bathroom tile, a new lighting system, and new paint were just a few of the improvements made.

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Thu., Sep. 30, 1971

On Thursday, September 30th, 1971, the Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary Field Station was dedicated.  The Honorable Nathaniel P. Reed, Assistant Secretary, Fish and Wildlife and Parks, U.S. Department of the Interior, performed the dedication.

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Fri., Feb. 11, 1972

College-owned land next to Route 11 was cleaned up in an effort to clear the LeTort marshland of an immense quantity of junk dumped in the vicinity by the college. Efforts were made only after several complaints were made to the College. The area was cleaned up, and the college pledged to...

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Wed., Jun. 21, 1972

Workers broke ground this week for the College's new dorm, located on High Street between the art building and the fraternity quadrangle. The contract was signed on June 15th, and work was expected to be done by of 1973. The dorm was to be two stories high, which was at that time a new concept...

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Thu., Jun. 22, 1972

After extensive flooding in the Carlisle area caused many to become homeless, the College made the decision to offer lodging and food to those in need. Fifty-five students and former graduates worked tirelessly to register flood victims and offer information. Overall, 158 people were housed and...

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Fri., Sep. 15, 1972

The Charles Nisbet Campus was named and dedicated to complement the Benjamin Rush and John Dickinson campuses. Events include dedicatory remarks, unveiling of a plaque, and readings from Dr. Nisbet's writings.

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Sat., Sep. 16, 1972

The College celebrates Founders' Day with the dedication of the Charles Nisbet Campus, a processional, a presentation of portraits depicting famous Dickinsonians, and an address from United States Senator Richard S. Schweiker (R-PA).

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Sat., Oct. 13, 1973

On Saturday, October 13th, 1973, McKenney Hall was dedicated.  Its namesake, W. Gibbs McKenney, Esq. '39, Dickinson Trustee, was present at the dedication ceremony.

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Wed., June 5, 1974

On June 4, 1974 a fire, with unknown origin, started in room 107 in the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House in the Quads.   It destroyed one room and caused smoke damage in several other rooms.

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Sat., Oct. 25, 1980

On Saturday, October 25th, 1980, the Kline Life/Sports Learning Center was dedicated. 

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Mon., Oct. 26, 1981

An explosion from the College's primary boiler on October 26, 1981 forced dining services to resort to paper plates and plastic utensils, and resulted in a rude awakening for students seeking hot showers the following Tuesday morning. Residence halls built before 1964, primarily heated by the...

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Sat., May 21, 1983

On Saturday, May 21st, 1983, the Emil R. Weiss Center for the Arts was dedicated.  Emil R. Weiss, '53, Dickinson Trustee, spoke at the ceremony.

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Mon., Aug. 1, 1983

Denny Hall, home to one-third of the College's classrooms, closed for renovation. Deparments housed in Denny included  American Studies, Anthropology, History, Political Science, Military Science, and Sociology. Classes were relocated to Stevens Elementary School on the corner of Franklin and...

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Wed., Aug. 31, 1983

Bosler Hall officially reopened after a year of intensive renovation. The updatesincluded the addition of the Audio-Visual Center, an elevator, restrooms, a handicap ramp, air conditioning, improved heating, and re-purposing the attic into a third floor, leading to an additional 10,000 square...

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Thu., Sep. 15, 1983

Dickinson College entered into a contract for the purchase of the Brethren In Christ Church on 301 West Louther Street. The property consisted of a parking lot, sanctuary, and four houses and was quoted as being "probably the largest chunk of property the College has been able to buy in one...

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Fri., Oct. 14, 1983

On Friday, October 14th, 1983, the Permanent Fine Arts Collection was dedicated and opened in the lower level of the Trout Gallery.  The ceremony featured performances by the Music Department.

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Thu., Mar. 1, 1984

The Women's Center at Dickinson College opened on 222 Church Street. This center, which had been proposed by the President's Commission on the Status of Women, provided a meeting place for omen's groups on campus, offering lectures and exhibits focused on feminist issues. 

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Sat., May 19, 1984

A renovated Bosler Hall is rededicated as a center for the study of languages and education and a home for the Instructional Media Center.  As part of the ceremony, the student-produced film "Dickinson Today" is shown.

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