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Sun., May 20, 1984

The former houses standing on the 300-block of West Louther Street were demolished immediately after graduation. The seven new townhouses were not quite complete when they were opened to students the following year, resulting in mixed emotions from new residents. "We are disappointed that we don...

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Mon., Oct. 1, 1984

The Snack Bar reopened for business, a month late, although construction was yet to be complete. A variety of unexpected problems including the delivery of shipments and a conflict with the construction worker's union delayed the completion of the project. In addition, the construction of the...

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Wed., Oct. 10, 1984

In a final poll conducted during dinner, 526 students voted on the new name of the Union Station. A previous poll with 22 possible choices was distributed to students in September, and narrowed down to four names on a second ballot: The Mermaid, Union Station, The Atrium, and Devil's Den. The...

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Fri., Oct. 19, 1984

The multicolored stained glass piece over the doorway of Weiss depicting free falling, maple seed whirlies released by delicate hands, was dedicated in a ceremony on Friday, October 19th by President Samuel Banks. The piece, six feet tall and over four feet wide, was created by Dennis Akin while...

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Sat., Oct. 20, 1984

On Saturday, October 20th, 1984, the newly-renovated Denny Hall was rededicated. 

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Wed., Jul. 1, 1987

During the summer of 1987, the Holland Union Building received an upgrade in furniture. Mike Helm, Assistant Treasurer, selected a company called Environmental Interiors of Harrisburg to work on the project. The remodelling cost the College an estimate of $70,000. The project gave the HUB new "...

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Sat., Aug. 1, 1987

The Health Center was moved from the Drayer basement to 349 W. Louther Street due to the increase in those visiting the Health Center.  The move allowed for more housing options in Drayer, but this was not the reason for the move of the Health Center according to Mike Helm, the Assistant...

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Sat., Oct. 17, 1987

On Saturday, October 17th, 1987, the Benjamin D. James Center was dedicated for the use of the geology, psychology, and environmental science departments.  Dr. Benjamin D. James, '34, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, spoke at the ceremony.  Tours of the building, which was located...

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Mon., Nov. 2, 1987

The President's House, where then current President A. Lee Fritschler lived, was broken into during the late hours of November 2nd, 1987. Throw blankets, three bottles of wine, and the Fritschler's briefcase were stolen. That very same evening the portrait of Charles Nisbet, the first President...

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Thu., Feb. 2, 1989

On Thursday, February 2nd, 1989, the interfaith chapel was rededicated in the relocated and renovated Durbin Oratory of Old West.  As part of the interfaith service, the Torahs were placed in an Ark in the new chapel. 

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Sun., Apr. 23, 1989

The Lumberyard facilities on campus opened on Sunday, April 23rd. President A. Lee Fritschler and junior Laura Spindler, the president of Student Senate, opened the facilities by cutting the ribbon. The space became the multi-purpose place on campus, hosting a variety of social activities. 

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Tue., Aug. 1, 1989

The track on Biddle field was improved before the start of the school year of 1989. Rather than keeping their Tartan track surface, Dickinson opted for a newer material, Versaturf-360.  This new material, made of rubber and latex, was placed over-top of the old material on the track. This new...

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Thu., Sep. 28, 1989

The Dickinson College Children's Center (DCCC) was formed by September of 1989. The Center, which was a proposed idea by the Dickinsonians for Daycare group on campus, was temporarily located in Allison United Methodist Church. The permanent facility was located, and still is today, behind the...

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Thu., Sep. 26, 1991

The College announced plans to renovate the food service stations in the Holland Union Building (HUB) Dining Hall to create multiple areas rather than a single line for all types of food. Renovations were scheduled for the 1991-92 winter break.

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Thu., Oct. 3, 1991

George Allan, Dean of the College, announced his plan to give each of the Quads an official name. Since their construction in 1962, the Quads were named after the fraternities residing in them or assigned numbers between 1 and 10. Dean Allan's plan involved naming the buildings after famous...

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Thu., Feb. 6, 1992

The Holland Union Building (HUB) Dining Hall, renovated over the 1991-92 winter break, was used by students for the first time. Reactions are mixed - Nick Stamos, Director of Dining Services, claimed that "things are going smoothly," but one student noted that the new space "...

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Fri., Feb. 7, 1992

An accidental fire erupted in a room on the first floor of Quad 2. No one was injured, but several students report damage to their possessions. After cleanup and damage assessment, some students were allowed to move back into the building; others were moved to temporary housing elsewhere while...

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Mon., Feb. 10, 1992

The Bernard Center, which housed the Classics, Religion, Philosophy, and English departments, was renamed East College, which was the building's original name when construction began in 1836.

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Thu., Sep. 10, 1992

The Bookstore opened a convenience store in the Holland Union Building basement, which was open from 7 A.M. to 2 A.M. seven days a week. The store, which opened without an official name, was called "Dickinsheetz" by many students, in reference to the popular Pennsylvania convenience store chain...

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Thu., Oct. 22, 1992

WDCV, the College's student radio station, began broadcasting in a new studio built next to the  dance studio in the lower level of the Holland Union Building (HUB). The original station space was renovated to create the campus convenience store.

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Thu., Sep. 9, 1993

The Department of Safety and Security (DSS) installed three permanent emergency telephones around campus. Each phone connected directly to the DSS office, which automatically sent an officer to the location when a call was received.

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Thu., Apr. 9, 1998

On Thursday, April 9th, 1998, 31 South West Street was dedicated as the Max Kade Center for the Study of Contemporary German Culture.  The ceremony featured readings by the German author Hans Joachim Schadlich, the Israeli poet Asher Reich, and the Romanian-German writer Herta Muller.

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Fri., Oct. 23, 1998

The Waidner-Spahr Library officially opened on Friday, October 23rd, 1998.  The opening celebration included tours of the new building as well as a reading by Assistant Professor of English and Writer-in-Residence Susan Perabo.

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Sat., Apr. 4, 2000

On Saturday, April 1st, 2000, the East Asian Studies Reading Room in the Waidner-Spahr Library was dedicated.  Howard Kyongju Koh, M.D., and Hesung Chun Koh '51, Ph.D. spoke at the dedication ceremony.

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Sun., Apr. 27, 2003

On Sunday, April 27, 2003, the Milton B. Asbell Center for Jewish Life was dedicated.  The building, formerly the Sellers House, was situated at 262 West High Street and featured two kosher kitchens, an apartment for a visiting Judaic scholar, offices, worship space, lounges, and a dining room...

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