Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, December 8, 1983

The all-College Priorities and Long Range Planning Committee (PLRP) announce that tuition will rise less then 8% for the 1984-85 academic year. Dickinson will enter the 1984 College Bowl. Students are given a tour of Denny Hall over the weekend to see progress on its current restorations. U.S. News and World Report issues their top colleges ratings and Dickinson is not listed. The Arts Building, which was located next to the library, is torn down. DTG's show entitled "Cold Feat" is a success. The Trout Gallery opens an exhibit entitled "The Bible and Twentieth Century Artists" featuring imagery from the bible. An art exhibit entitled "Nepal, The Mountain Kingdom" with artifacts from the country. The exhibit will also honor Drs. Edgar and Elizabeth Miller, '20 and 23' , as well as Chiran Tharpa. The Men's Basketball team wins against Lebanon Valley College 65-62. The Women's basketball team looses its most recent game. Both the men and women's swimming teams win over Lycoming college.