Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 1884

Students are criticized for studying on the Sabbath.  Relations between students and professors are notably peaceful.  Rumors spread that South College is to be dedicated entirely to the Preparatory school.  The only known existing portrait of President Durbin, the first President of the College, is donated to Dickinson until a duplicate portrait or bust can be donated by the owner, President Durbin's daughter Fletcher Harper.  The annual Day for College Prayer is observed on January 30 with a sermon from Rev. W. S. Robinson of Bridgville, Del.  A former editor of the Dickinsonian visits the school on a marriage vacation.  Plans develop for the libraries of the college to be merged once the new Scientific Building is finished, and President McCauley announces that money for a construction of gymnasium has been donated, along with funds to procure a baseball and football field.