Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 26, 1931

John Hall Hopkins of the junior class is named the most outstanding Dickinsonian as he receives the distinguished 1902 Award. The German department expands is repertoire of classes to include a course entitled Cultural History of the German and Scandinavian People. German will be made the language of the classroom. The Microcosm will sport a Scotch theme including a drawing of Carlisle Castle in England, which is both close to the Scottish border and from where the town derives its name. The prom committee and the class of 1932 decide to open up the Junior Prom to all class years and to alumni. A dozen of the freshman class rules are abolished at the Student Senate meeting. These changes will take effect beginning with the next freshman class. Student Senate also comes up with new rules concerning class absences and tardies which will go to the faculty committee for review. All freshmen and other first year students are required to take the Freshmen Tests in a variety of subjects. The annual Freshman Hop is set to be on March 14 at the American Legion.