Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 26, 1971

Low enrollment in the Bologna program may require drastic changes in order to stay viable with under twenty students. Student Senate addresses the grading proposal to be presented by the Academic Standards Committee. The Proposal states that pluses and minuses will be added to grades to create an 11 point system and that of the 34 courses needed for graduation, 24 must be graded while the rest can be pass/fail. Poet Don L. Lee opened the Malcolm X Weekend activities and the Congress of African Students Conference held at the college was attended by three hundred black students from twenty Pennsylvania colleges. Director of Financial Aid Charles Twichell outlines some of the factors involved in funding financial aid in an open meeting. Area children will participate in the summer program PEER. Non-violent student protesting increases across the nation. The New York Pro Musica will present a concert of medieval and renaissance music. This year's faculty review is entitled "The Roaring Twenties Scrapbook." Dickinson Basketball player Frank Noonan will appear on the television show "To Tell the Truth." The Table Tennis team prepares for its State Championship.