Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 3, 1950

Reverends Miles DePagter and Alson J. Smith, as well as Professors Earl H. Furgeson and William R. Barnhart, are announced as the primary speakers during Religion in Life Week, scheduled for February 12 through the 16th. Bob Barron and his orchestra, "America's Favorite College Band," are hired to perform at the Mid-Winter Ball, scheduled for the following weekend. Gordon Baum, Richard Hicks, and Mary Ann Spence, members of the College Glee Club, are selected to represent Dickinson in the first post-war concert and forum of the Intercollegiate Choir of Pennsylvania. Student Senate announces that it has insufficient funds to fully support The Dickinsonian and other campus publications, as well as all-College dances, and that affected organizations should look to other means to support their activities.