Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, January 29, 1971

Student Senate announces nominations for president and other offices. The trustee meeting focuses on possible renovation of Morgan Hall, construction of a new residence hall, and the five-year budget projections. Ralph Nader will speak at the Public Affairs Symposium which explores public "Invasion of Privacy." Trustees are to consider a new housing proposal for fraternity housing. Students will hold a conference to commemorate Malcolm X. Margaret Mead is named as this year's recipient of the Priestley award. Procedures are made to petition to the College committee on Academic Standards. The Interior Department states that Alaskan oil is "essential to the strength, growth, and security of the United States." WDCV elects new officers and considers FM broadcasts. Procedures for the First Priority Selection Group of 1971 are announced based on received lottery numbers (RSN). A booklet explaining the lottery process is available. The Afro-American Society, Independents, and Sigma Chi all tie in IF Basketball. Six Red Devil football players gain post-season honors. Two members of the Red Devil soccer team are selected to the MAC South All-Star team.