Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, June 10, 1915

Class Day is held. Summary of Commencement Week. Trustees elect James Henry Morgan president of Dickinson College. List of members of graduating class. Nora M. Mohler receives Cannon Prize for sophomore mathematics. Elma May Houseman receives Chi Omega Prize for sophomore economics. Raymond R. Brewer receives Clemens Prize for an essay on missionary work. Lawson S. Laverty receives Charles Mortimer Griffin Prize in English Bible. Union Philosophical Society wins Johnson Prize. Nora M. Mohler, Harold H. Bixler, and Elva R. Lippi receive McDaniel Prizes. Francis W. Godwin receives Miller Prize. Lawson S. Laverty, Anna M. Shuey, Robert E. Woodward, and Mabel Clark receive John Patton Prizes. C. Dickson Garner receives gold Pierson Prize; George W. Bradley receives silver Pierson Prize. Miriam F. Whiteley receives Rees Prize. Hiester R. Hornberger receives James Fowler Rushing Scholarship Prize. Robert B. Kistler, Homer M. Respess and Leonard G. Hagner jointly win Smith Prize. Daniel F. Graham receives Wagg Prize. Agnew O. Roorbach receives Walkley Prize.

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