Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, June 1888

Students are criticized for “jumping the fence” to get into baseball games at the fairground without payment.  The Belles Lettres and Union Philosophical Societies’ Sophomore Contests are held.  The disciplinarian from the Indian Training School is criticized for poor sportsmanship and rude behavior during a baseball game between preparatory students and students from the School.  Tennis becomes popular on campus, with many fraternities creating courts.  The election for Directors of Athletics is held.  The town of Carlisle bans the use of college yells in the streets.  The freshmen hold their burlesque of the Sophomore Oratorical Contest.  Dickinson’s baseball team beats Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg, the preparatory students lose a game to the Indian Training School, and the class of 1888 is defeated by the class of 1889.  The Intercollegiate Athletic Association of Pennsylvania meets.