Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, June 2, 1928

In the last Dickinsonian of the academic year, eighty-five seniors graduate with eight elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.  The Belles Lettres Exhibit of Historic Dickinson and other exhibits are reopened in Bosler Hall for returning alumni. Furthermore, under the direction of librarian May Morris, over 700 books were added to the library and more than 2400 volumes relocated from the inaccessible old sections to the new through the previous year.  Dickinson is called upon to finish its new gymnasium.

Four faculty members leave the college: Hazel Jane Bullock, C.E. Wass, Dr. H.L. Davis, and B.F. Rinker.

Police raid the Beta Theta Pi House in search of a man in a light suit that had broken a street lamp on Mooreland Avenue.  Within the house they found three Alpha Gammas in light suits but did not detain any.