Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 19, 1970

Senate approves a proposal for coed living units in Todd and Mathews houses with the first two floors for men and the rest for women. SDS questions business manager Bloodgood on campus working conditions and wages. The College receives a federal grant providing for community service and continuing education programs under Title I of the Higher Education Act for their program "The Carlisle Education-Action Program for Housing." The College fine arts department will hold an Indian Arts Festival. NSA and NAS consider financial merger. The Rifle team takes first place at the 11th annual Marshall University Invitational Drill Meet. The Governance Committee disagrees with plans for an all-college legislative body. A Black Arts Festival will be held. Students are selected for the Bologna Program. Nominees for the Dickinson Faculty Academy Awards are announced after the faculty production of A Thurber Carnival. The Claude Jones rock concert with the Babylonian Pigpen Light Obbligato is a success. A review of the "new" Beatles album, which is really just a hits collection to make money, Hey Jude or The Beatles Again is given while the release of Let It Be is postponed yet again. The college becomes a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC).

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