Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 21, 1958

The approaching end of the Pan Hellenic week will feature the annual Doll Dance. A talk open to members of the Mary Dickinson Club and women students will be given by Dorothy Kenyon, speaker for the Mary Dickinson Day Chapel, titled "Women and Outer Space." Following incidents dubbed the "Egg Battle" - during which several men raided rival fraternity houses, threw eggs at the outside of the women's dorm and shouted "uncomplimentary expressions" - eleven men have turned themselves and been penalized by the Senate-Faculty Judiciary Committee. Following last semester's suggested boycott of a local barber for discriminatory practices, Group VII of the Danforth Project promised to examine discriminatory practices on the Dickinson campus and the survey has revealed extreme racial discrimination in nearly all of the College's eleven fraternities. In contrast, none of the five sororities have similar restrictions on member admission.