Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 3, 1961

New United and Action parties present platforms. The Student Rules Evaluation Committee revises rules for off campus parties, and fraternity visiting hours. Horlacher holds first meeting to give details on the Fraternity Quadrangle. Articles on Ray Charles' upcoming concert and Ray Charles himself. The spring issue of The Hornbook to feature radical changes. Fort Lauderdale to hold its first spring jazz festival for the spring break. Mermaid Players to perform Crime and Punishment. Professor Means indicts student for living too softly - mentally, morally, and physically. Belles Lettres to present Japanese film on crime "Rasho-Mon". Third annual Belles Lettres Arts Festival to feature a play writing contest. Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Sigma elect officers for the next year. Men's Basketball and squash lose. Swimming, wrestling, and women's basketball win.

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