Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 4, 1966

For the first time, foreign students and the Senate Foreign Students Committee will present an International Weekend featuring a banquet, music, and discussions. An enticing plot synopsis is given of the upcoming Follies production of Guys and Dolls. The new members of Student Senate announce their goals for the upcoming term as well as their intentions to start a Leadership Council. A faculty sub-committee reviews a proposal to eliminate students from participating in cases of academic dishonesty brought before SFJC (Student-Faculty Judicial Council). A Democratic-Socialist club is introduced on campus. A summary of a "Moderator" article on homosexual college life leading to schizophrenia is presented. A symposium is held where President Rubendall proposes changes to be made in, and renewal of fraternities. Faculty and students are questioned on what they think is the most fundamental problem with Dickinson--most come to the conclusion that it is communication. Part two of a series on Dickinson as a liberal arts institution notes that Dickinson does not show the creative, intellectual, and non-conforming aspects a liberal arts college should possess. Dickinson's swim team ends its season undefeated.