Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 15, 1934

The All-College Committee on social affairs meets to discuss campus events for the year. A poll for the candidates of the campus beauties section of the 1935 Microcosm is taken. The freshmen class elects class officers. It is projected that the Red Devil football team should make it to the Rose Bowl. By order of the Men’s Senate and its Tribunal committee, after Thanksgiving the girl rule, tie rule, and path rule will be dropped from the Freshmen Rules. The football team loses to Gettysburg. Shakespeare’s Hamlet will be performed by a professional company next week in Bosler Hall. The abnormal psychology classes will visit a mental hospital in Harrisburg. The Women’s Glee Club will perform two programs this semester. Dickinson alumnus Harry Whinna is elected Governor of Maryland. The Deputation Committee of the Dickinson College Religious association lists their intended future events for the campus.