Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 18, 1963

The Dickinsonian to start a new series of inquiries into big questions of controversy. WDCV station manager announces return of station operations. President Rubendall presents the Wedgewood Medal to artist Leonard Baskin. Former dean, Alan Coutts suffers a sudden fatal heart attack. Freshman initiate discussion of an honor system. Dickinsonians obtain creative summer jobs. C.H. Masland and Sons company awards four scholarships. Little Colonel to be crowned at the ROTC Military Ball. Senator Barry Goldwater attracts 10,000 to rally in Hershey. College plans to expand the size of the freshman class. 24 seniors pursue individual research projects. Five senior ROTC Cadets qualify for Flight program. Pulitzer Prize winner Harrington Salisbury to visit Dickinson. Speakers chosen for next chapel program. Football wins. Field Hockey loses.

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