Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 24, 1949

College Enrollment hits a record high—over 1,000 students—and some students are boarded in Carlisle to compensate for lack of on-campus housing. Ten new faculty members are added to the payroll: Phoebe Follmer is appointed new Dean of Women; Charles Coleman Sellers is appointed Curator of Dickinsonia; Rear Admiral Roger Eastman Nelson assumes professorship in the Mathematics Department; Dorothy Custer Yates is appointed Assistant Catalogue Librarian; Mrs. LeRoy H. Hagerling and Lenore Richardson Wood are appointed House Directors for East College. Eric Jonathan Josephson, Paul A. Corcoran, Thelma Race Horlacher, and Jeanette Bastress Hinkel '34 are appointed as instructors in the Sociology, Economics, Psychology, and Physical Education Departments (respectively). A school-wide attendance policy dictating that three absences from class (excused or unexcused) will result in a failing grade is adopted. A portrait of Professor Earnest A. Vuilleumier is presented to the college by the Class of 1924; meanwhile, Dr. Lynn H. Harris '06 donates a pocket watch once belonging to James Buchanan. A sanctuary, with daily 1:15 services, is opened in the basement of Old West. A welcome dance and talent show for incoming freshmen is held in the Alumni Gymnasium. Fraternity rush begins as sorority rush concludes, with all 50 new female students planning to join one of the four College sororities.