1988 Senior Slideshow

Autumn, c.1988

A group of five poses for a photo on campus.

Barbecue, c.1988

Nine students smile at an outdoor get-together.

Candid, c.1988

A student laughs while smoking.

Close up, c.1988

Two friends hug and smile.

Covered in mud, c.1988

A group of 9 poses outdoors at night.

Crayola crayons, c.1988

Two students smile for a photo on Halloween.

Dickinson event, c.1988

Two students smile at an event.

Formal couple, c.1988

Thomas Seydoux and his date pose for a photo around 1988.

Laughing friends, c.1988

Two friends embrace.

Mandolin, c.1988

A student plays music.

Morgan Field, c.1988

A student stands on Morgan field.

Mountain-top, c.1988

Two students enjoy a ski day.

Move-in day, c.1988

Students and family members unpack cars.

Night out, c.1988

A couple smiles for a photo.

Old West, c.1988

Two friends smile on a sunny day.

Pile of friends, c.1988

A group of seven friends crowd together and smile.

Radio show, c.1988

A DJ smiles as she sits in a radio station.

Raven's Claw members, c.1988

Richard Hartz ('88) and Peter Gilbert ('88), members of the Raven's Claw Society, wear their white caps and smile.

Six friends, c.1988

Six friends smile for a photo.

Smiling couple, c.1988

A pair smiles at a social gathering.

Three friends, c.1988

Three friends pose for a picture.

Three friends, c.1988

Three friends pose on a night out.

Trio, c.1988

Three friends smile.

Two Friends smile, c.1988

Two friends embrace and smile.

Two students, c.1988

One student smiles at the camera as her friend looks towards the ground. 

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