1990 Senior Slideshow

Students relax at the beach, c.1990

A group of male students sit together to take a picture while relaxing on a trip to the beach.

Student scales the walls, c.1990

A student scales the walls of a building on campus while wearing a Dickinson sweatshirt.

Students smile together, c.199

Three friends stand together for a photograph and smile. 

Center: Heather Thompson '90

Students stand on a fountain in a square, c.1990

Students stand together on a fountain in the middle of a square. 

Students stand together in the Piazza del Campo, c.1990

A group of students stand together and take a picture in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy.

Students stick their tongues out for the camera, c.1990

Allison Shay '90 (left) and Suzy Zengo '90 stand together and stick their tongues out for the camera.

Students take a group photo, c.1990

Students take a large group picture outside of a building.

Students take a picture, c.1990

A large group of young women take a group picture together, laughing and posing for the camera.

Students take a picture together, c.1990

A group of young women stand and pose together for a photograph.

Surprise, c.1990

Ron Hillman ('90), after getting out of the shower, is surprised by his friend who takes his picture when he least expects it. 

Three friends as cavemen, c.1990

Three Theta Chi Brothers dress as cavemen to celebrate "Barbarian Night".

Left to Right: Kurt Hort ('91) ; Matt Shappell ('90) ; Ron Hillman ('90)

Three friends sing, c.1990

Three friends dressed in formal attire sing together. 

Three friends smile, c.1990

Three friends smile together.

Center: Sheila Murphy '90

Left: Elizabeth Scanland '90

Three friends smile for the camera, c.1990

Three friends stand together and make faces for the camera.

Three ladies pose with fake "chests", c.1990

Three women goofily pose with fake "inserts" on their chests and signs that read "E."

Three students in togas at an event, c.1990

Three girls dressed in toga-attire pose for the camera.

Two friends hang-out in a dorm room, c.1990

Anne Parry and Hilary Aquino take a picture together while hanging-out in their dorm rooms in Quad 5 (McClintock Hall).

Two friends take a picture, c.1990

Two friends, in either the same outfit or the same costume, stand together and smile for the camera.

Two girls laugh for the camera, c.1990

Two friends pose for the camera and laugh.

Two girls laugh with ribbon in their hair, c.1990

Two girls, with ribbon entangled in their hair, laugh for the camera.

Two girls on a couch, c.1990

Two ladies sit on a couch and smile for the camera.

Two girls pose for the camera, c.1990

Two girls laugh and pose for the camera.

Two girls sit upside down for the camera, c.1990

Two girls lay upside down while another takes a picture of them.

Two guys show the Vulcan salute, c.1990

Two guys make funny faces and show the Vulcan salute.

Left to Right: Steve Shoff ('90) ; Mike Griffith ('90)

Two men make funny faces, c.1990

Two male students make funny faces for the camera.


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