1990 Senior Slideshow

Two students, c.1990

A male student picks up and holds another student who seems to have hurt her foot. They both smile for the camera.

Two students dressed as dogs, c.1990

Amy Donnelly '90 (left) and Jenny Lennon '90 dressed as dogs pose together for a picture.

Two students hug, 1987

Dave Kallenberg and Jennifer Taylor hang out in Quad 5 (McClintock Hall) during the 1986-1987 academic year.

Two students in costume, c.1990

Two students dressed with leaves on their shirts have a drink together at an event.

Right: Steph Malloy '90

Two students in Hawaiian shirts pose together, c.1990

Two students in Hawaiian shirts and beach attire stand together and take a picture.

Two students joke around, c.1990

A female student sits on her male friend's lap and jokingly covers his mouth to keep him quiet.

Two students kiss, c.1990

A male student leans in to kiss his friend, who jokingly resists.

Two students pose for the camera, c.1990

Two students dressed up, one potentially as Elvis, stand and make a pose for the camera.

Two students smile, c.1990

Two students smile and pose for the camera.

Two students stand next to a phone-booth, c.1990

Laura Cohn (left) and Alicia Fries '90 take a picture next to an iconic phone-booth in England.

Two students wear sunglasses, 1987

Chris Mizelle and Dave Kahlenberg stand in suits and sunglasses, sporting serious looks for the camera on a warm day in the middle of winter 1987.

Mizelle and Kahlenberg are residents of Quad 5. This photograph was taken between Quad 5 and Sigma Chi.


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