1990 Senior Slideshow

Phi Kappa Psi senior class, c.1990

Members of the Phi Kappa Psi senior class stand together for a picture.

Red shorts, c.1990

A male student wearing high waisted red shorts and a shirt with Bart Simpson on it looks seriously behind his sun-glasses at the camera.

SAE Little Sisters, c.1990

A group of women, most of whom are Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) "Little Sisters," stand together and smile for the camera.

Melissa Schmidt '90, third in from the right in the front, is a Kappa Epsilon (KE) "Little Sister."

Shenanigans in Quad 8, c.1990

Beth Annacone Arnz '90 (left) and Hilary Aquino '90 hug each other in Quad 8 (Armstrong Hall).

Singing in a dorm, c.1990

View as a student sings into a fake microphone in a dorm room.

Sisters of KKG, c.1990

A group of Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters spend time together. 

Social event, c.1990

A large group of girl-friends take a picture at a social event.

Speak, see, and hear no evil, c.1990

Three students create the image of "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil."

Student at a rally, c.1990

A student stands with a sign at a rally. The sign reads, in part, "Environmental Justice."

Student balances on a pole, c.1990

A student lies on her stomach and balances on a pole.

Student in a flexible pose, c.1990

A student sits in a funny and flexible pose.

Student in a mask, c.1990

A student is caught enjoying a "spa moment" on camera.

Student in red strikes a pose, c.1990

Nancy Maslanka ('90) strikes a pose for the camera around 1990.

Student sits in a dorm, c.1990

A student, sitting in a chair, stares off into the distance. 

Student strikes a pose, c.1990

A female student strikes a pose for the camera.

Student takes a candid photo, c.1990

A student makes a surprised face for the camera, capturing a candid moment.

Student with Clorox and a vacuum, c.1990

View as Bob Kakalec ('90) holds a vacuum and a bottle of Clorox in a dorm room.

Students at a social event, c.1990

A boy stands in between four girls at a social event.

Left to right: Rex Miller ; Melissa Schmidt '90 ; Peter Jones ' 90 ; Heather Thompson '90 ; Holly Kilpatrick '90

Students brave the snow, c.1990

Students sit in the rocky section of Morgan field and brave the cold, enjoying the snow as it falls.

Students by the ocean, c.1990

A group of students take a picture by the ocean around 1990.

Students dressed as flappers, c.1990

A group of students dressed like flappers and mobsters from the 1920's smile for the camera.

Students drink together, c.1990

A group of friends sit and drink together in what looks like a bathroom.

Students enjoy a picnic on the quad, c.1990

A group of male students sit and enjoy a meal outside on the quad.

Students in formal attire pose together, c.1990

A group of students in formal suits and dresses pose together for a picture.

Students outside the Kline Center, c.1990

A group of friends stand together, some in flannel, and take a picture. The Kline Center is in the background


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