Bosler Hall, c.1886

View of Bosler Hall from W. High Street circa 1886.

Charles Francis Himes in Tome lab, c.1890

Professor Charles Francis Himes in a laboratory in the Tome Scientific Building around 1890.

Dorm room, c.1895

View of William Clarke's (Class of 1895) dorm room around 1895.

Dorm room, c.1895

View as two students sit in a dorm room around 1895.

Left: Louis Strite (Class of 1893)

Dorm room, c.1900

View as a study reads in their dorm room around 1900.

William King Haines, c.1890

William King Haines is a member of the Class of 1883.

Janitors in front of East College, c.1890

Noah Pinkney (center, back) selling his wares from his food cart, with Robert Young and other janitors in front of East College around 1890.

Male students in Tome lab, c.1890

Two male students in a lab in Tome Scientific Building around 1890.

Mary M. and Anna M. Himes in front of Tome Scientific Building, c.1900

View as Mary M. Himes ('89) and Anna M. Himes ('1900) stand outside the Tome Scientific Building around 1900.

Men Doubling Gap, PA, c.1890

Three men stand in a gazebo while at Doubling Gap, Pennsylvania around 1890.

Men standing outside East College, c.1890

Three men, one with a wheelbarrow, stand outside the western end of East College on the John Dickinson Campus around 1890.

Anna Jean Spears, 1902

Anna Jean Spears is a member of the Class of 1905. She is pictured in the yard at Landis Hall with the hall matron, Mrs. Love, in 1902.

Two men in dorm room, c.1890

Two men pose for a photograph in dorm room around 1890. The specific dorm building has not been identified.

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