Residence Life

Sigma Alpha Epsilon house interior, c.1910

View of a room with a variety of Sigma Alpha Epsilon memorabilia around 1910. This room is possibly in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon's house located just off of the northeast corner of West and Louther streets.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon house interior, c.1980

Students play ping-pong in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house around 1980.

Silly costumes, c.1984

Five students laugh in funny hats.

Silly outfit, c.1992

A student models a silly outfit for the camera.

Silly pose, c.1989

A student poses in boxers, a sport coat, and sunglasses.

Singing in a dorm, c.1990

View as a student sings into a fake microphone in a dorm room.

Smiles and wine, c.1984

Three female students laugh and drink wine.

Smiling friends, c.1982

Two friends stand in a dorm room and smile.

Social event, c.1990

A large group of girl-friends take a picture at a social event.

Songbird, c.1989

Amy Barefoot (Class of 1989) holds a microphone and sings.

Striped turtleneck, c.1993

Clayton Simons ('93) sits in a dorm room and smiles at the camera.

Student gets stuck, c.1987

A student tries to crawl through a small opening in a bathroom door. The sign on the door indicates that 24 Hour Quiet rules have started because of final exams.

Student in a dorm, c.1983

A student strikes a pose in a dorm.

Student laughs, c.1983

Mary Koveleskie (Class of 1983) laughs as she opens the door to a bathroom in a residence hall.

Student makes a call, c.1987

A student laughs during a phone call.

Student painting her nails, c.1995

Amy Tully ('95) paints her nails and makes a face at the camera while sitting in her dorm room.

Student plays a video game, c.1995

A male student, who is playing what appears to be a Nintendo Game Boy, is surprised when someone takes a picture. The original photograph has been edited to include a thought bubble that reads "How embarrassing..." 

Student poses with Richard Gere, c.1986

A female student is excited to take a photo with a poster of Richard Gere.

Student sits in her dorm room

A student, while hanging out in a dorm room,  looks on to a group of other students.

Student sleeping, c.1983

Mark Kopenhaver ('83) sleeps while someone takes his picture.

Student smiles, c.1994

A student smiles in his dorm room.

Student studying in dorm room, c.1980

Student studying, sitting on bed in a Kisner-Woodward dorm room around 1980.

Student studying in dorm room, c.1980

Student studying, sitting at desk in Kisner-Woodward dorm room around 1980.

Student wears a face mask, c.1991

A student smiles as she waits for her facial cleansing mask to dry.

Student wears tie dye shirt, c.1991

A student wearing a tie dye shirt smiles.


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